About our SERVICE


Hyper.Hosting is a leading provider of high-performance VPS/VDS servers in Moldova and England. We are proud to offer advanced technologies and decades of experience in the field of web hosting. Our company holds a leading position thanks to innovative solutions and a continuous commitment to quality.

At Hyper.Hosting, we set ourselves the task of providing high-quality solutions in the field of web hosting, ensuring safe and reliable hosting of online projects. Our engineering team is focused on ensuring the highest performance, impeccable security and continuous availability of content in the online world.


We don't just provide powerful servers. We create a unique experience for each client by providing an individual approach and personalized service tailored to unique requirements and needs. Our goal is to provide your business with reliable, scalable and innovative hosting solutions.

Hyper.Hosting is designed to make your online presence powerful and successful. We are focused on providing high-quality services that allow you to focus on the growth of your online project. Join Hyper.Hosting and give your online ideas a powerful boost!

VDS/VPS servers are the best choice for various types of services: online stores, portals, the gaming industry, developers, investment projects, accounting, etc., since we use high-quality equipment.


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