All equipment is under constant supervision of data center specialists. However, as they say, trust, but verify. Therefore, our employees also monitor the operation of equipment in all data centers around the clock. After all, it is important for us to guarantee each client that his designs will work flawlessly, like a Swiss watch.


Data Center, located in Moldova, is one of the leading providers of web hosting, cloud technology and data center services in the region. The company's main focus is on providing high-quality and reliable hosting solutions for clients of various sizes - from individual developers to large corporations.

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United Kingdom

Servers in England provide a reliable solution for your online presence. Our servers are hosted in modern and high-tech data centers, ensuring high availability and performance of your web project.

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Located in a strategically important region, our data center provides fast access to various markets and common traffic exchange points. This helps optimize performance and accelerates data transfer between customers and their end users.

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EXA Infrastructure Amsterdam Data Centre is a dedicated digital infrastructure platform whose mission is to become the undisputed leader in connectivity between pan-European and transatlantic data centers, enabling customers to provide their customers, employees and end users with the most compelling experience.

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Located in the center of continental Europe's most important telecommunications hub, Frankfurt am Main, our Frankfurt data center provides the lowest average latency in all of Europe. Excellent connections to all major and local ISPs via DE-CIX.

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VDS/VPS servers are the best choice for various types of services: online stores, portals, the gaming industry, developers, investment projects, accounting, etc., since we use high-quality equipment.


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